Monday, February 26, 2007

Bragging on Iacobucci Homes

On February 23 I had the opportunity to deliver the Multicultural Sales course with the cooperation of the Builders League of South Jersey. I was gratified to see a full class of sixteen, but especially pleased that fourteen of the learners came from one company. Iacobucci Homes brought not only their sales and marketing team members including the sales manager, but also their customer service/warranty team, two of their three builders, and the division president as well. As the course author, it was my intention to broadcast a clear message to all course attendees: it's all or nothing. Multicultural sensitivity requires a buy-in on the part of every team member. The salesperson can build trust and credibility only to have a production or warranty person drop the ball. By including all team members in the course, this company is assured that everyone got the message. What a terrific model for all builders who are facing lost sales and lost referral opportunities on account of a lack of multicultural sensitivity.

This program outlines why multicultural sensitivity is important, the state of the multicultural market today and projections on where it will be upto 40 years from now, and moves to applying multicultural sensitivity to the sales process, introducing an overview of the communication skills necessary to implement this newfound sensitivity, and moves on to give techniques and strategies for multicultural sensitivity for the marketing team, as well as all other team members. The textbook is a virtual reference work with a multitude of facts and opportunities for further research, particularly for the largest segments of the foreign-born today.

If you have a chance to attend this excellent program, do yourself and your multicultural client a favor. Be like Iacobucci Homes and take the whole team. I'll be trumpeting their success after implementing some of the skills shared in this program. Stay tuned.

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