Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Any Time, Everywhere

A remembrance of Scott Masri, March 4, 2007

Death may be inevitable, but that doesn't lessen the shock when it comes unexpectedly. Scott Masri was just approaching middle age when he was snatched away from us last week. Most of us don't think of our legacy every day; those thoughts stay in life's shadows. Scott's legacy was a walk he walked. The personification of energized enthusiasm with a great heart, he lit up a room when he entered it. Shadows disappear when you face the sun. When face-to-face with Scott you saw exuberance for life.

As Scott's broker-in-charge I often found offices and models empty because for different reasons, agents who had committed to be there weren't. Scott's mantra to me was, "I'll do it. Any time, any where." When we first got to know each other, he found that we shared a love of the Grateful Dead and he burned dozens of CDs for me, his entire collection. When we moved to Colington Harbour just down the street from Scott and Barrett, I was astounded to hear a lawn mower operating that first Saturday. It was Scott, helping out, unasked, and we shared that lawn mower all summer till I got organized enough to get one of our own. Scott even introduced us to our own neighbors. He never met a stranger. Everyone was his friend. Scott lived life with all his heart. His fascination with life itself brought joy to all he met. His passing reveals that you should never postpone living your destiny, for to do so might compromise your own legacy. It matters less whether you are burning your candle at both ends than how many other candles you light along your way. All of our hearts reach out in support to Barrett and Scott's family. At times like these it's clearer than ever that we are all family. I'll miss you Scott, but you'll live in on my mind and heart, any time, everywhere.

What an appropriate day for your memorial service, held at your favorite spot, Avalon Pier in Kill Devil Hills, on the only day in the calendar that contains a command: March Forth.